62 ACRES – Permaculture Farm, Mountain View, Primary Jungle, And Around 80 Animals!!!!!




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  • Acres: 62


A listing like you (or us) have NEVER seen before – a 26-hectare permaculture farm stocked with around 80 animals and dozens of species of fruit and vegetables, tucked away 600m (2000 feet) above the surrounding countryside, with refreshing mountain breezes, BILLION DOLLAR views, a two-star ECOLOGICAL BLUE FLAG accreditation and 17 hectares of primary (old growth) jungle…but also connected to power, internet, water and with a strong call phone signal, sitting within a shouting distance of a local village and just a few kilometers drive away from the Pan-American Highway (National Route 2) which is speckled with towns and all the services and amenities you will ever need…WOW!
As you turn off the Pan-American Highway to drive towards the farm entrance, a winding unpaved access road climbs through the mountains and jungles presenting ever-changing views of the lush forests and of the flatlands and ocean below. The farm is located a few hundred meters from the access road, straddling a few ridges and a peaceful little valley where you will find homes, animal enclosures, a greenhouse, and many of plantations. Pastures and jungle-covered hills surround the farm on all sides with a cooling mountain breeze providing a refreshing atmosphere. It may be hot and muggy down below but up here the air is much more palatable!
It is the owner’s wish that the lucky buyer is someone willing to keep all of the farm animals – there are 3 horses (a stallion and 2 mares), two dozen chickens (giving about 10 fresh eggs per day), 3 goats (2 milk goats and a male), 26 ducks and over 20 turkeys. The animals are healthy, happy, and very well looked after. One horse is currently used as a workhorse in banana plantations. The horses can be ridden and there are plenty of nearby trails to enjoy a daily horseback ride – imaging the views as you top a hill and look 600m down towards the Pacific Ocean, or the vibe of riding through primeval jungles in the quiet misty mornings!
The inventory of plants and crops is WAY too big to list here, so we will mention a few examples and leave the rest for a list at the bottom of this ad. Citrus plants, multiple banana species, fields of sweet potatoes, coffee, pineapple, mangosteen and pumpkin, pepper and tomatoes, herbs, and spices are some of the DOZENS of species of fruit, vegetables, and herbs growing on this property. The crops are scattered around the farm and the smaller or fragile plants are contained in a greenhouse. Three large compost heaps, in various stages of transformation, provide fertile soil to nourish the crops, and water (fortified with banana peels) is always available to quench the plants’ thirst. The water is accessed via a 7-metre-deep artesian well.
All the plants and animals will ensure that your food is fresh, healthy, and complete: the best meat and eggs and the healthiest fruit, vegetables, and herbs – all organic – can make up your entire diet. You may wish to donate the extras to the local school or villagers or barter or sell some of the produce. The expats flooding Costa Rica are very appreciative of top-quality organic foods and will pay top dollar!
Over 65% of the property – 17 of the 26 hectares – is made up of primary-growth jungles. This forest is very valuable – the Payment for Environmental Services program, administered through the Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal (FONAFIFO), allows for the forested land to be officially protected over either 5 or 10-year contracts for the purpose of carbon sequestration, biodiversity protection, water regulation or landscape beauty. The landowner is paid for these contracts, in effect turning the forested parts of the property into no-hassle income streams. Not only are they making money, but the forests can also still be enjoyed by the property owner. This service is subject to approval by the relevant government agencies.
A house, guest house, bodega, animal enclosures, and a greenhouse are grouped in the middle of the valley with crops extending all around and in between the structures. A 15-minute walk through the primary growth jungle, along a prepared wide path, brings you to a ridge with SPECTACULAR views of the rainforest-covered mountains on one side and hills, valleys, flatlands, and the Pacific Ocean (600 meters down) on the other – here you will also find a planet which is large enough for a house, and the views from this house would be UNFORGETABLE. Multiple other trails lead to rivers, swimming holes, and a waterfall.
An established and producing permaculture farm, with plentiful water and stocked with animals is a rare find in these parts of Costa Rica. Add to that the views and potential for further development, and you’ve got yourself a once-in-a-lifetime offer! Call us TODAY!

FRUIT, VEGETABLE, AND HERB LIST – by number of trees/shrubs/plants or the area of coverage:

  • 21 Papaya
  • 3 Caimito
  • 2 Mangostan
  • 1 Moringa
  • 3 Katuk
  • 2 Manzana de Agua
  • 200 Vanilla
  • 100 Pepper
  • 8 Chilli
  • 6 Maracuja
  • 10 Coconut
  • 175 Cacao
  • 17 Coffee
  • 100+ Pineapple
  • 8 Avocado
  • 5 Cafechino
  • 50 Borijo
  • 100 Palmheart Palms
  • 1 ha+ Bananas
  • 10+ Guaba
  • 2 Guayaba
  • 4 Guanabana
  • 10 Chiscaquil
  • 2 Zapote
  • 8 Hitao
  • 1ha+ Mamones

A new Food Forest has the following

  • 4 Avocado
  • 1 Cas Creollo
  • 8 Sweet Lemon
  • 2 Lemon
  • 3 Papaturro
  • 2 Caimito
  • 6 Mandarina
  • 5 Manga
  • 24 Orange
  • 3 Guayaba Hawaiian
  • 2 Nance
  • 1 Soncoja
  • 2 Guaba Chillio
  • 3 Carambola
  • 2 Guaba de la Costa


Platanos, Quadrados, Oregano, Mint, Lemongrass, Cilantro, Basil, Lemon Balm, Ginger, Turmeric, Potatoes: Tequisque and Papa Chiricana and Sweet Potatoes, Maniok, AND MORE!


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