26.6 ACRES – 15 Minutes From The Beach, Rancho Lagunas!!!!!



  • MLS: DOM593EBO
  • Acres: 26.6


  • Private Gated Community: The location is within a gated community, ensuring privacy and security.
  • End of the Road: The property might be situated at the end of a road, which could provide additional privacy and reduce traffic.
  • Virgin Rainforest with Huge Trees: The surroundings seem to be part of a pristine rainforest with large, mature trees, which could offer a beautiful and tranquil environment.
  • Waterfalls & Springs: There are water features like waterfalls and natural springs, which can be attractive and provide a soothing ambiance.
  • Completed Gravel Road to Property Entrance: The property has a gravel road leading up to its entrance, which makes it accessible and well-maintained.
  • Existing Public Water Service: The property likely has access to the public water supply, ensuring a reliable water source.
  • Subterranean Electric Installation to Property Line: Electricity is available and seems to be installed underground, which can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the property.
  • Well-Maintained Landscaped Community Road: The community road is well-kept and possibly landscaped, providing an attractive entrance to the property and contributing to the overall ambiance of the area.
  • Overall, this description suggests a unique and idyllic location within a gated community, surrounded by natural beauty, with the essential utilities and services in place.


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