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Why Choose Real Estate for Sale in Costa Rica?

Dominical Real Estate is a leading agency specializing in real estate for sale in Costa Rica. Our real estate agents have background knowledge of the country – from the land to daily life in various communities – to help buyers choose prime property and to help sellers find qualified buyers. You deserve a peaceful getaway, or if you’re an entrepreneur, a suitable place to build your business, which is why we suggest Costa Rica as the market to tap into. Owners wishing to sell their properties can also benefit greatly from the current ecotourism boom in the country.

About Costa Rica

The Republic of Costa Rica sits along a long trans-continental isthmus that connects North and South America. With a population of less than five million, a large percentage of the country consists of developed towns, cities and urban areas. However, a significant part of untouched nature remains in the country. The real estate market focuses on development of land near the forests without causing too much damage to the ecosystem.

Dominical Real Estate offers a wide range of real estate properties optimized for various purposes such as tourism and business. Political stability helped the country leave its mark on the international community, prompting many tourists and businessmen to invest in choice properties, mainly along the coast. As a peaceful nation, the tourism and economy continues to thrive, attracting more investors from all over the world.

Great Place to Live

Low property tax is a prime attraction for real estate investments, especially foreign. The local government only collects 0.25 percent of the registered value of the real estate for sale in Costa Rica. Real estate experts note that this is lower compared to property taxes in economic powerhouses like the United States. Furthermore, Costa Rican law allows equal ownership rights for both foreigners and locals.

Despite being a small country, Costa Rica takes environmental protection seriously. In fact, the country’s natural parks and areas make up five percent of the world’s biodiversity according to statistics. You’ll never run out of nature no matter where you go. This plays to the country’s advantage in terms of attracting tourists who want to relax under the cool shade of trees and take in majestic natural views.

These reasons and more make real estate for sale in Costa Rica a very good investment for both investors looking for properties and owners selling theirs. Dominical Real Estate agents have worked in the Costa Rican real estate market for years, and some of the agents have lived in the country for decades so they are more than qualified to help you in all matters related to property in Costa Rica. If you want to learn more about this beautiful country, feel free to browse the General Information tab or contact us at 011 506 8861 2714 or through Facebook and Skype.