Environmentally Friendly Houses For Sale In Costa Rica

There are many great eco-friendly and ‘green’ houses for sale in Costa Rica. This is due to the immense drive that some builders and landowners have made in recent years in the country to practice green building techniques and incorporate energy saving and efficient details into Costa Rica homes for sale. The ever growing tourism industry also has vowed to maintain a small footprint with many establishments boasting that they are neutral with regards to their emissions.

Part of Costa Rica’s massive appeal, apart from the views and affordable Costa Rica beachfront property, is that the country has some pretty clear goals that revolve around becoming and maintaining an eco-friendly country. It has lead the way for the rest of Latin America with regards to becoming more eco-friendly and boosting eco-tourism to the countries in Latin America as a whole.  It has a goal of becoming the first carbon-neutral country by 2021 and many of it’s lands are retained for conservation. In order to meet this goal, the country has developed plans to re-forest vast lands to offset emissions. In fact, nearly 30% of the lands in the country are designated as national parks or natural reserves already. Another way that the country gets its citizens to participate in green initiatives is to reward their electric energy stewardship. The Costa Rican Electricity Institute, the government owned power, provides energy based on how much energy you consume. The less energy you consume, the lower your rate per kilowatt hour!

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Eco Friendly Home

Eco Friendly Home For Sale In Costa Rica

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Home For Sale

This eco friendly home was just built in Costa Rica and is located in the hills above Playa Dominical.  The home is now for sale and is a great, affordable option for someone looking to live in paradise and be one with the environment.  The builders took many things into consideration when they built this beautiful 3 bedroom home.  They installed a solar hot water system, the house is ready to have solar panels installed, they planted 80 trees to offset the wood used in the construction, the house has energy efficient appliances, there is a rainwater catchment system in place, and many more eco friendly features.
This is the best eco friendly home in Southern Costa Rica.The benefits of buying an eco friendly home are many. 


 You can feel good that you have not had a bad impact on the environment, you will save money on your monthly electricity bills, and when you want to sell your home it will have more value!
This home is located in Lagunas, 10 min from the beautiful beaches and the town of Dominical. Lagunas is a great place to live and has plenty of wildlife including birds, monkeys, sloths, etc etc.   The mountain views from this home are spectacular.  You can watch the sunrise over the biggest mountains in Costa Rica!!! This is a great place to enjoy vacations with your family or to make it your full time home.  Many people buy homes in this area and then rent them as vacation rentals and you can make some really good money doing this, and still get to enjoy your home whenever you want.         

Eco Friendly Home

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