130 ACRES – Amazing Organic Farm With 2 Homes Near Golfito At A Great Price!!!!




  • MLS: GD020
  • Acres: 130


This large farm in the Southern Zone is the ultimate authentic natural experience of Costa Rica. On this grand piece of paradise, owners can conserve the environment, grow their own organic produce, and work towards keeping Costa Rica pure! In addition to the two homes on the property, there are agricultural and reforestation areas that house caves and a beautiful creek. Countless adventures can be found on and nearby this property.

This land is beautiful and ideal for someone looking to live in a pure environment, grow their own organic food, be surrounded by pristine nature, and live at one with their surroundings. The reforestation effort that has taken place on this farm has been quite magnificent! Thousands of fruit and hardwood trees of various species have been planted with high survival rates. Some of these trees include: cedro amargo, ron ron, fruta dorada, ceiba pentandra, almendro montana, roble savanna, cachimbo or cristobal, espavel, gallinazo, and amarillon. There is plenty of space and fertile soil for planting and growing your own organic garden of fruits and vegetables.

The property also consists of pasture areas, logged forest, and regenerating forest. To really feel the essence that this incredible property has to offer, an in-person visit is a must! The Southern Zone is unique in its abundance of animals and wildlife. The preservation of this area is essential to keeping Costa Rica breathtakingly beautiful for future generations!


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