6 ACRES – Versatile Land With Privacy, Easy Access, Multiple Building Sites And Open Views!!!



  • MLS: DOM337
  • Acres: 6


This beautiful 6-acre parcel offers what so many people are looking for these days as they search for property in Costa Rica: space, privacy, ease of access, open view and community of friendly neighbors that are close, but unseen.

All too often here on the front range of mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean, 6 acres means “1/2 acre of usable space and 5 1.2 acres of steep jungle.” Not so here. Judicious clearing of underbrush and trimming of tree branches has opened up numerous places where you could build cabins or guest houses for vacationers, each with privacy and even separate access by trail, quad or car if you choose. Rentals do well in this neighborhood.

On the other hand, many people want a private space for their home and other usable space for a variety of fruit trees and perhaps small animals like chickens, geese, or goats. This property allows for that with room to spare.

The view is of a valley and mountains, with just a tiny, thin, visible slice of blue Pacific. That thin slice shows you where the breezes will come from, straight off the ocean and into your home. At 900 feet above sea level, you will feel the difference between the more sultry heat on the beaches and the mountain breezes day and night. You won’t need A/C if you design your home to be open to fresh air and the natural world that surrounds it. In the mornings on clear days, you will see the vibrant colors of the sunrise, and you are shielded from the tropical heat of the afternoon sun by trees and hilltops.

Wildlife is abundant. In front of the property is a wildlife corridor that is being extended little by little all along the front range of Costa Rica. Once you have settled in you will see birds of all kinds, white-faced monkeys, pigs, agoutis, deer, coati mundis, and even the occasional cat, whether jaguarundi or puma. You will even wake up some mornings to the calls of the howler monkeys. Wildlife is making a strong comeback in the area as Costa Rica’s anti-hunting laws and forest reclamation provide habitat and safety for flora and fauna.

This is an inspiring, unusually versatile property in a well-established community. Call or email now for a showing. You’ll be impressed. 8694-3176 or

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