32 ACRES – Island In The Golfo Dulce With Amazing Beach Two 1 Bedroom Homes!!!!

Golfo Dulce


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  • MLS: GD005
  • Acres: 32


13 hectares of island property, located in the Golfo Dulce of Costa Rica’s southern Pacific region. The property has its own well as its water source. All electricity is provided by solar. Lots of beach, complete with palm & almendra trees (food of the scarlet macaws). Monkeys, and other jungle wildlife, along with a myriad of bird species, including the scarlet macaw frequent the area.

There are 2, 1 bedroom homes on the property, along with a caretaker’s house. There is a wood-fired pizza oven and two platforms for enjoying the waves, pizza, and just being there. There is a magic feeling here that you have found something truly remarkable.

To state the obvious, the island is boat access only. You launch in Golfito and take a 15 – 20 minute ride out to the property – or take an hour (or more) and marvel at where you are, and/or do some fishing along the way.

There is the nearby regional airport that makes access to this remote property quite easy. From landing at the airport, to being on the island can be there in less than 30 minutes.

When you arrive, and disembark to the beach, you are facing the ocean with the mass of the island behind you. You are screened off from the world, feeling the tranquility of being truly removed. There are no sounds of civilization. This is certainly not to say that it is quiet here. There is the sound of the waves, birds, breeze and rustle of the jungle. I suppose this would be what we call the sounds of silence. It is pure therapy in its effect.

The property is shaped like a large, half-bowl. The beach is in a cove-like setting with a jutting point on its southern-most edge and a crescent shaped beach. The beach and its immediate vicinity are rolling and usable for the structures that are there, with room for more.

From there, the property does a rigorous rise up to a height that is shrouded in some rare original growth jungle. Once there, the overhead canopy causes a shaded, park-like effect below where one can walk about and explore. Access to the upper parts is steep.

One of the built areas has a real Italian oven which also can make pizza. This oven was made by an Italian artisan. This is in the barbecue and picnic area with a deck that is seen in the pictures.

Possible Uses of the Property:
The current owner will occasionally rent out the property. There is room for adding more structures, or the property can simply continue on as it is. Various rental villas would certainly enjoy robust occupancy for a more active rental application.

The seller has enjoyed her personal use of the property and mostly just having it available for when she wants to spend time there. Life moving on (read: declining health) is the reason she is selling. Her tradition of use can obviously be continued by a family or group that want the quintessential get-away from civilization.

Sport fishing is big in the area, so tours can be run from the island as well. A dock can be constructed for boats, and the villas used to house the fishing populace that are drawn to the abundant varieties found in the Golfo Dulce.

In summary, you’ve found what has to be one of the unique property offerings on planet earth. We ask that inquiries allow time for arranging the visit to the island and also that they be genuine interest only.

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