Costa Rica Condos

costa rica condosCondos in Costa Rica are similar to condos anywhere else in the world, but the difference we focus on is the usual situation at hand. Many of our clients are residents of the United States. Furthermore, a decent amount of them purchase property here in Costa Rica to use as a vacation or second home. Do you really want to be oceans away and worrying about your yard, especially one you see only every so often? If you don’t have a true need or desire for an expansive, all-inclusive property, a condo may be the way to go.

Condos are easy to manage, oftentimes more affordable, and practical in many senses. The simplicity is what many buyers find appealing. You don’t want to end up with too much house. It’s not the worst issue you could have but it is one you can easily avoid. Before you go and invest in a three bedroom home for two people because you love the location and other rooms, consider looking for an alternative that has the same of your favorite features minus a bedroom or two. We aren’t telling you what property is right for you; we’re simply sharing common regrets that come about after a buyer doesn’t look at an investment from all angles.

You may have your own reasons for wanting a condo, and we’d love to hear them; or likewise, reasons you don’t think a condo is for you. In either case, we’ll browse the housing market in pursuit of the property that you can’t pass up. It may be exactly like you imagined or it may surprisingly be something you never knew existed. That’s partly where the fun comes from – real estate is rarely how we first envision it. However your endeavor plays out, Dominical Real Estate will be by your side to experience it together.