Real Estate for Sale in Costa Rica

real estate for sale in costa ricaAre you ready to dive into the real estate market of Costa Rica and never look back? Even if you are, you probably have some reservations, and that’s okay. A competent agent can help you deal with those, so don’t try to bury them. Dominical Real Estate specializes in Costa Rica real estate, and we make client satisfaction a priority.

Any realtor can make a client happy at the end if it involves a purchase – a house outweighs the not-so-pleasant journey it took to get there. We strive for more and we think our clients deserve better. We want you to be pleased every step of the way. If you trust us to guide you in one of the major decisions of your life, the least we can do is practice customer service.

Not every client is similar so we appreciate having to tailor our approach, answer different questions, and communicate in various ways. If you’re a seasoned investor, you might not care to have as much hand holding. If this is your first foreign investment, on the other hand, you may want the assurance and comfort. Some clients don’t need to be bothered with every detail, while others want to know every activity precisely.

Are you a pro at exploring housing markets? Are you on a mission, knowing exactly what you’re looking for? If this is the case, maybe you’d prefer for us to wait until you have the house in sight. This is no problem, but neither is jumping in and helping with the hunt.

Our site features a variety of listings that will appeal to a range of buyers. Enjoy the user-friendly search function and read about each property for sale in detail. If you don’t see any that meet your needs, contact our team to see what else we can show you. Costa Rica’s real estate is full of opportunity.