Real Estate for Sale Costa Rica

real estate for sale costa ricaCosta Rica attracts many visitors and tourists for a variety of reasons and during all different seasons. They come to relax on the beautiful beaches, marvel at the volcanoes, explore the rain forests, work to preserve plant and wildlife, and enjoy the tropical climate. They also appreciate the fresh fruit, the happy-go-lucky locals, and so much more. When you live here, all of the above doesn’t have to end. You can go on doing these things for the rest of your life because you won’t have a rental reservation telling you to leave. You know the childish saying, “if you like it so much, why don’t you marry it?” Well… if Costa Rica is calling, you’d be lying to yourself if you didn’t answer.

Those happy-go-lucky locals… you can be one. That fresh fruit… you can grow your own. The opportunities are endless, both with the lifestyle and with real estate.

Dominical Real Estate specializes in the Costa Rica housing market. Whether you’re searching for a house, condo, lot, farm, or commercial investment, you’ll enjoy browsing the listings on our site. If you don’t find a property that meets your needs, contact us and let us dig a little further. When you’re depending on accurate information, it’s nice to have additional people scouring what’s for sale. While house hunting can be fun, the longer it goes on, sometimes the less fun it becomes. It seems to cross over that line without warning, too. As your agent, we are ready and willing to step in at any point. You don’t have to have THE house picked out before picking up the phone. First, that’s putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, and second, we can help get you there in a more efficient and trustworthy manner. Real estate isn’t meant to be tackled alone – not at any stage. Let us conquer Costa Rica’s market together.