Houses in Costa Rica

houses in costa ricaIf you’re looking at houses in Costa Rica, you probably know at least a good bit about the country. However, when it comes to moving somewhere new, you can never know too much about the place. Dominical Real Estate would be happy to assist you in this exciting real estate transaction. Use our site to browse available listings and read up on some area information.

The Republic of Costa Rica has three major regions: a Caribbean coastal plain, a mountainous central area, and a Pacific coastal plain. Each of these areas attracts visitors and residents alike. The majority of the population lives in the central area. If you have a preference out of these three, we can filter out properties that are located elsewhere. They all have key differences along with similarities, so it just depends on what you desire.

Do you want to live about the tropical forests, atop a mountain range, or near a savanna? The climate is fairly the same across the regions, with typical rainfall a little more in the Caribbean area. A couple other common factors you may want to consider are distance from an airport and location in relation to the ocean. There are most likely many more details you’ll want to figure out, but it will all fall in place sooner or later.

If you don’t necessarily want or need to base your decision on location, not doing so could liberalize the number of potential listings. Maybe you’d rather center your search on property type or number of acres. There are a variety of ways we can approach house hunting, but the bottom line is our team is available to help you. We won’t insist we play a part in this initial step, as some clients prefer to do this on their own, but others like having a trained eye on their side. Whatever works best for you, that’s what we’ll put into practice for finding a house in Costa Rica.