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This is a simple yet amazing solution to eliminate the fear of building a home in a foreign coutry. The owner of ManuPrefab has put together floor plans and prices to take the guessing out of building. You can use one of his pre existing plans or work with him to come up with your own plans. He has plenty of experience building these georgous Bali Style homes. Now all you have to do is pick the property of your dreams and relax knowing exactly what to expect your home to look like and exactly what the costs will be!!!

ManuPrefab specializes in the engineering, design and construction of high-end, prefabricated, Bali Style, post and beam structures and furniture made out of certified tropical hardwoods.

Bali Style Pavilion
The Pavilion is the most versatile and modular design we offer. Its design is based on a 7 foot grid which means that all posts and divisions are within 7 feet. Its affordable, modular and lightweight to be built on the most demanding building sites.

Model ManuPrefab Price
28×14′ Shell $50.900
28×21′ Shell $65.500
42×21′ Shell $85.400
56×21′ Shell $105.500
63×21′ Shell $115.200
28×14′ 1 Bedroom Turn Key $115.000
28×21′ 1 Bedroom Turn Key $122.000
42×21′ 1 Bedroom Turn Key $161.000
42×21′ 2 Bedroom Turn Key $167.000
56×21′ 2 Bedroom Turn Key $225.000
56×21′ 3 Bedroom Turn Key $228.000
63×21′ 3 Bedroom Turn Key $247.000

The Potoo design features an old Javanese classic which is used since generations for family houses in East Java. The basic outlay can accommodate from a very luxury one bedroom / one bathroom design up to a three bedroom with bathroom and kitchen.

Model ManuPrefab Price
Potoo Shell $175.000
Potoo 1 Bdrm Turn Key $252.000


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